Compare The Beard

We're currently figuring out exactly what we want Compare The Beard to be.

Right now you can head over to the login pages and register an account.


Everyone's agreed we ought to be able to come here and compare beards. Pretty sure that's a given.

How do we compare beards though? Is it on length? Strength? Depth? Vitality? Shape? Colour?

No matter who we speak to, it seems there's almost too many opinions to make sense of. What we do know is that we want this to be a fun and engaging place for everyone to enjoy exploring the world of beards.

If you've got any ideas, let us know via our contact page. It won't take long for us to research a bunch of things, get out of this phase and make a cool site. Until then keep paying attention and we'll be back soon.

We're aiming to bring people together from all walks of life to enjoy a hub of equality. Beards are just the start of bringing people together; once we're finished here we'll move on to coffee, hats, and chocolate bars.